Coaching, Consulting and Advising

I’ve been working with entrepreneurs, startups and business executives for nearly a decade to make sure their businesses work better – for them, their teammates, their customers, and their communities.

In that time I’ve helped clients triple their business, publish bestselling books, launch new product lines and improve their decision-making skills.

"The Theory of Constraints states: any system with a goal has one limit and worrying about anything other than that limit is a waste of resources"

...Any type of system, be it your health, a manufacturing line or a business, can be analyzed and optimized by understanding the key components and which of them is the bottleneck.

The Business Production Function

Working together might be a good fit if you’re looking to…

Productivity: Improve your Personal Operations

  • I feel like I’m not getting the most out of each day. 
  • I know what I need to be doing, but I’m just not doing it.
  • How do I create and maintain habits so I’m making consistent progress?
  • How do I establish a morning routine to get my day off to the right start?
  • How do I structure my business around my unique ability?
  • How do I make time for the focused, deep work that I know I should be doing?
  • I have a lot of big decisions I’m making on a daily basis and I’d love some help thinking through them.
  • Am I prioritizing the most important things?
  • Do we have the right business model?
  • Are we working on too many projects?
  • Should I hire or fire someone?
  • Should we raise our prices?
  • Should we acquire another company?
  • How do I keep from letting things fall through the cracks?
  • Why do I keep missing meetings?
  • I feel overwhelmed by reactive work like emails and meetings
  • My priorities are rapidly changing and I can’t seem to complete any of the projects I’m working on before something else comes up
  • Didn’t I do something like this a couple of years ago? Where is that file?
  • Should I be using Evernote or some other note taking app? If so, how should I organize it?

Marketing & Sales: Build Your Go To Market Strategy or Funnel

  • How should I position my company or product to reach my target market? 
  • How should I structure and time my launch to get the most sales?
  • What’s working right now to grow my email list faster?
  • How can I get more traffic to my site?
  • How can I get more prospects and leads?
  • How do I get to product/market fit?
  • How do I reach my customers?
  • Does my Unique Value Proposition resonate with my target market?
  • How can I generate more revenue from existing customers?
  • Why aren’t my leads converting into customers?
  • How do I establish a consistent pipeline of qualified leads?

Operations: Create Systems and Scale your Business

  • I’ve hit product/market fit. How do I systematize and scale my business? 
  • What systems, processes, and automation do I need so I can get more leverage and profit?
  • How can I get the best work out of my team?
  • How do I get out of day-to-day operations?
  • Why can’t we get a consistent quality of service to our customers?
  • If we got a huge influx of sales, we would be stressed to the max
  • The business is growing, but this doesn’t feel sustainable
  • I’d like to be able to sell my business at some point but I’m too essential right now.
  • I feel like I’m spending a lot of time keeping things together rather than moving them forward

HR & Management: ​Improve your Hiring and Create Accountability

  • How do I streamline my hiring processes and make sure I hire the right person the first time?
  • How can I build a company culture my employees actually care about?
  • I never know what my employees are working on. How can I demand more communication without being oppressive?
  • How do I straddle the line between leadership and micromanagement?
  • What is the best way to manage reporting, accountability and deadlines for my team?
  • Is there an efficient and easy way to get insights from my business' data?

If we work together, we will co-create solutions that work for you. I’ve got plenty of templates and best practices to share and I’ll be helping customize them to work for your situation and your goals.

Kind words from people I've had the pleasure of working with...

Liz Froment

Finance Writer and Content Strategist

Allen Walton

"I’ve been working with Taylor for the last year and half, much of it during the pandemic, and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made for my business.

1) I’ve made a lot more money.
2) Projects actually get completed.
3) Taylor holds me accountable.
4) Taylor helps me get my shit together." 

Allen Walton


Spy Guy

"(Working with Taylor) ultimately led to what I am doing now, which is running a million-dollar startup."

Russ Perry

Design Pickle

Russ's company logo is a pickle and he offered to wear it for his testimonial. I had to say yes.

(No reason you can't have fun while you're growing your business.)


Coaching Client

"There isn't really anybody who is teaching a comprehensive way of evaluating your time and effectiveness, (or) helping you know how to make decisions."

"Our revenue this year is on pace to triple, which is unbelievable, all really thanks to Taylor and his help.

...he's very results driven."

Anthony Fasano

Engineering Management Institute

Lance Johnson

Whiteboard Geeks

"It strikes me that he recognises the complexity of the real world... he doesn't have some nonsense program he's trying to push me into.

...I've had a great time working with Taylor and hope to keep working with him for a long time to come."

Dan Andrews

Taylor instantly made himself a part of the central decision making team of the company by putting the company's interests first and because of Taylor's track record, I would very much trust what he would say over what I would surmise.

He gave me a kind of visibility into the brain center of my business that I wouldn't otherwise have unless my hands were on the controls, and when my hands were on the controls an invaluable gut check from somebody who shares my perspective on the business.

The proof is in the pudding. He had his hands on the controls when the company grew 527% in 18 months.

If you're lucky enough to be able to hire him, do so.

The biggest benefit (of working with Taylor) has been getting out of my own head, re-correcting in terms of direction, and getting back on the path.

(Taylor is) very grounding, logical, calm – whenever I freak out about something that doesn’t matter

…And just general strategy in terms of where we are going, is this the right decision made, what is the opportunity cost of such decision, what is the opportunity cost and how do we get there.

Jock Purtle

Digital Exits

Travis Jamison

I shipped out product, it easily covered the coaching fee and it launched me into what has been a 1 year journey to generating over 6 figures in online course revenue.

I thank Taylor and I couldn’t endorse him anymore.

Khe Hy


Travis Jamison

​If something here resonated with you and you’d like to see how I can help you solve these challenges, let’s have a no-cost, no-obligation strategy session to see how we might be a fit.