Proven Ways To Transform Uncertainty to
Opportunity in an Increasingly Complex World

What if Making the Hard Calls Was Your Forte?

Have you ever known someone in real life who was a true leader?

Those people who can cut through the BS, hear the signal through the noise, who can make decisions they're completely confident with?

They’re one of those people others rely on to create certainty out of chaos?

We all wish we could be more like these people, but it’s hard.

Do you notice that you “freeze-up” when faced with an important choice backed by vague information or multiple variables?

Do you catch yourself panic when plans suddenly change, being unable to act?

What if you could learn to act with confidence, clarity and conviction?

​Imagine what your life would look like if you could confidently act where others pause with indecision?

Plans change, lightning strikes, crises emerge seemingly out of nowhere.

What if you were the calm, collected one who could say "no big deal"?

While everyone around you scrambles in sweaty panic, you would remain centered and - you take note of what's happening, decide what needs to happen next, and put together a plan for how it's going to happen.

You calm others down just by being this way -

Your confidence is palpable to your teammates, boss, or investors.

Imagine being the guy they can turn to in order set things straight?

Imagine being the one who not only manages complexity and uncertainty, but who thrives in it?

​But how often is this actually the case?

​We all like to imagine ourselves as the cool, rational voice amidst a sea of confusion, but how many times have you personally felt like you have no idea what’s going on? No idea what direction to turn next?

Do you really feel consistent confidence in your decisions, even when you are forced to act quickly without all the information?

How many times have you felt overwhelmed from the amount of variables out there, about those second or third order consequences you know you can’t possibly predict?

How many times are you the one with brow furrowed, head down, overwhelmed by uncertainty?

How much longer can you really afford to be dominated by what is now a fact of life in the 21st century?

No More Stumbling In The Dark.

All you need to turn uncertainty into opportunity is the knowledge of how to deal with these types of situations.

In a new century marked by increasing complexity, uncertainty and unknown outcomes, you need to arm yourself with the tools and strategies used by the best.

This is precisely the knowledge you’ll learn in Decision Making In An Uncertain World.

What if you could:

Consistently act with confidence and provide well defined strategic leadership for your team?

Embrace highly volatile environments with the knowledge and confidence that you can turn uncertainty into opportunity?

Prevent panic and disorientation in others, even when faced with sudden unexpected changes or when working with limited information?

Arm yourself with the ability to successfully navigate the increasing complexity of the 21st century?

Ready to find out how you can better manage complexity and turn uncertainty into opportunity? Click below to find out more.

I Have Been Using These Concepts For Over 5 Years.

I’ve been implementing these strategies for over 5 years in my personal projects and with the clients I’ve worked with.

It’s the same principles and strategies for cutting through complexity I’ve used to grow a software business 527% in 18 months, and the same ideas behind my marketing strategy that launched my first book to the top of the Amazon best-seller list with an email list of only 100 people.

I’ve spent the last five years obsessed with how we can better cope with the changes occuring in the world today, and I’ve searched far and wide to cover strategies from virtually every source imaginable -

20th Century Military Strategy
Complexity Science
Statistics and Data Science
Investing and Trading Tactics
Principles used to grow some of the world’s biggest startups.

In Decision Making In An Uncertain World, you’ll get down to earth and actionable tools for thriving in an uncertain world.

"(Working with Taylor) ultimately led to what I am doing now, which is running a million-dollar startup."

Russ Perry

Design Pickle

Jock Purtle

Digital Exits

The biggest benefit (of working with Taylor) has been getting out of my own head, re-correcting in terms of direction, and getting back on the path.

(Taylor is) very grounding, logical, calm – whenever I freak out about something that doesn’t matter

…And just general strategy in terms of where we are going, is this the right decision made, what is the opportunity cost of such decision, what is the opportunity cost and how do we get there.

Who Will Benefit From
Decision Making In An Uncertain World?

Startup Team Members


Anyone In A Fast-Paced, Uncertain Environment

What Exactly Do I Learn With
Decision Making In An Uncertain World?

Introduction: Managing Complexity 
with the OODA Loop

Section 1:
The OODA Loop

Module 1: An Overview of OODA

  • How Boyd's revolutionary military strategy provides the perfect framework for understanding how to manage complexity and uncertainty
  • We'll be going through an OODA Loop "Deep Dive" to give you the perfect foundation for the rest of the course.

Module 2: The Core Attributes

  • How Boyd's key concepts of Schwerpunkt, Creation and Destruction, Fingerspitzengefuhl and Einheit make or break your implementation of the concept
  • Learn what you need to do in order to take your application of the OODA Loop to the next level. 

Section 2:
Decision Making
In An Uncertain World

Module 3: Applying the OODA Loop: INPUTS and OUTPUTS

  • You'll understand the conceptual framework we'll be using over the next two parts that will arm you with the knowledge you need to fit all these strategies together.
  • Learn the difference between Inputs and Outputs, and why Boyd's core attributes are some of the most important parts of managing complexity.

Inputs: Focusing & Filtering Information

Section 1:

Module 4: Understanding Compression Progress

  • Discover how Artificial Intelligence research arrived at a huge insight in how we can better process information and learn more efficiently.
  • Understand Nassim Taleb's 'Rational Flanuer', and how this can be an effective model for understanding opportunity.

Module 5: Understanding Punctuated Equilibrium

  • Find out what Darwin got wrong about evolution, and how you can profit from his mistake to plan better over the long term.
  • Learn why the time you spend in your garage on the weekends is likely to be some of the most important time of your whole week.

Section 2:

Module 6: Destroying Sacred Cows 

  • Find out what 'Sacred Cows' are, and how they are causing you to have limited beliefs and make poor decisions.
  • Discover the principles used by billionaire investor Ray Dalio that ensure he stays in touch with reality and maintains a team he can trust with anything.

Module 7: Creating Mental Models 

  • Learn about Warren Buffett's silent right-hand man Charlie Munger, and his advice for learning about the world in order to better understand new information.
  • Find out how you can build a 'latticework of mental models' that will both improve your creativity and make your decision making more reliable.

Outputs: Mastering Fast Transients with Intuition & Surprise

Section 1:

Module 8: Understanding Margins and Fat Tails

  • Discover two simple statistical models that will instantly improve your understanding of hard-to-measure events.
  • Find out how a recording artist utilized 'Fat Tails' to more than double their album sales and how you can apply it to your life.

Module 9: Exploiting Legibility and the Illegible Margin

  • Discover the blunder that almost destroyed Germany's forestry industry, and the common mistake behind it that you'll come to recognise everywhere
  • Gain a deep insight into complexity and what we know doesn't work when it comes to attempting to manage it.

Section 2:

Module 10: Understanding The 70% Rule

  • Find out how Mark Zuckerberg's famous dictum of 'Move Fast and Break Things' applies to more than just billion-dollar tech startups.
  • Learn how our incorrect perceptions of risk render us ineffective and unable to act out our full potential, and how we can counteract it.

Module 11: Speed of Implementation

  • Find out about the 'Law of Shitty Clickthroughs', and how this applies to a lot more in life than just internet marketing.
  • Learn why our evolutionary ancestors made us a poor fit for the reality of decision making today, and what we need to do to correct it.

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3 Module Video Masterclass

MP3 Audio Version

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