Are You Working IN Your Business, 
Or ON Your Business?

Build a Business Machine that's simple to set up, easy to maintain
and your organisation will love to use.

Do you ever get a feeling of deja vu at work?

It's halfway through the year, yet you're still working on tasks resurfaced from months ago.

You remember getting a colleague to do something, but somehow it's now back on your plate. The instructions weren't clear, and now you have to 'reload your mental RAM' and rethink what this problem was all about and start solving it all over again.

You're trying to hire a new employee to help with all these tasks that keep building up, but you know  - the tasks that keep you from making meaningful decisions on where to take your business next.

Worst of all, you know you don't have enough time to set up proper operations to make things run smoothly, as there are too many fires to put out!

Imagine having a system that allowed your business grow itself?

Imagine being able to wake up each morning, and go to work knowing everyone on the team was working on the right things, and documenting what they did so it wouldn't have to be repeated again?

Imagine having the peace of mind to come into a calm, organized workplace and know that not only were tasks getting done, they were being constantly improved, refined and efficient.

I want to show you how you can set something like this up -

With our unique business process system, you'll be able to:

Improve Operational Efficiency:

Get all your processes documented in a central location so you and your team can complete repeat tasks without thinking.

Scale and Grow your Business:
Getting your processes documented properly means you can bring in more people to do the work, so you can scale your operations and make more money for your business. 

Keep Working on What's Most Important:
Stop worrying about things falling through the cracks or team members not doing the right thing, so you can get a wide-lens view of your business and make the correct decisions without being stuck in the trenches. 

Remove Stress and Win Back Your Time:
Stop worrying about things not getting done properly or about constantly missing opportunities, so you can build the business you always dreamed of and win back time with your family and think more clearly. 

Outsource, Delegate and Hire Like a Pro:
Build a living, breathing business organism so you can quickly bring in new employees, manage tasks more easily and have a flexible business that moves the way you want it to. 

Inside the Machine:

What's Included.

BUSINESS MACHINE Curriculum and Implementation Guide

12 Lectures designed to quickly set up a system that will evolve as you grow and enable you to win back your time. Soon you’ll be able to get back into the strategic position you know you need to be in as the leader of your company.

Internet Business Template Library

Dozens of pre-filled process templates for everything from team discussion notes, to content publishing, to customer support. Take the thinking out of setting up your new processes so you can get back to work with your new system up and running ASAP.

My Story: The Chaos Will Not Be Minimized.

When I was working at a software company in San Diego in 2014, it was a bit like going in to work at the Downtown LAPD in one of those 90’s movies:  

I’d walk into the warehouse and there would be boxes and rubbish strewn about all over the place. The office wasn’t much better, with the team running around in a flurried panic answering sales calls, fielding complaints and chasing up payments. I didn’t think it was sustainable.

One day, one of the founders told me something that’s stayed with me ever since:

The Chaos will not be minimized”.

All at once, it clicked for me. There is never a way to completely stay afloat all the moving parts in a business. You’ll never have time to fix every problem, but that’s not what matters.

The most important thing is to make sure that key processes are documented, that projects are moving forward and processes are constantly being updated to reflect the changing nature of what’s most important.

It was not long after that we started documenting, cataloguing and ordering all of the existing processes that we’d previously ignored.

It took a few weeks to get started, and I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t feel like there were more important things to be focusing on at the time. While the phones were blowing up and business kept rolling, a few of us put our heads down to take stock of what was happening to put it all down on paper. 

A few weeks later we had set up a system that finally let us get our heads above water and take in a big deep breath of freedom.

We could barely believe how beneficial to our stress levels, strategic thinking and general efficiency it was to finally have processes in place we could refer to and delegate effectively.

Now when we walked into the office, things were quiet. Everything was running as it was meant to, people knew what they were working on, they knew how to get it done, and they were actively building out these processes as they worked. This led to the business itself growing, as more effective processes resulted in more efficient scalability.  

We further refined this system over several years, and I took the methodology we built and transplanted it into my consulting practice when I started my own business.

I’ve used it ever since, and that’s exactly what I want to share with you in X.

Don’t Miss Out on the Power of Standard Operating Processes.

Operations and management can often seem like a waste of time. There’s revenue building activities to be working on, right?

For the average business owner with a hundred fires to put out, there’s no time to think about how to manage processes better or make things run more smoothly. But the reality is this is exactly where the above average business owners spend their working hours.

It’s exactly this type of activity that removes you from working IN your business, to working ON your business. It’s in pulling the correct levers and making those smart management decisions where you’ll be able to unlock your business’ true potential.

You need to make this transition to working on your business, or you’ll be constantly stuck having difficulty hiring, taking ages to pass tasks off to other employees, or even managing staff ineffectively.

Your business will be running like a rusty old Honda, and you’ll be spending your days double handling, caught in frustrating communication issues and won’t be able to even dream of scaling up or removing yourself from the day to day grind.

If you’re sick of not knowing where to get started or how to make the shift, this course is the best starting point you’ll find. You’ll make the transition from working in a glorified job, to working on a business you’ve created that not only generates wealth, but creates richness across all areas of your life.

Are You Ready to Build a Business That Runs Itself?

Stop wasting time working inside your business like an employee. It’s time to start acting like a real business owner, and to reap the benefits that made you want to start this journey in the first place.

You’ll be able to:

  • Hire more easily

  • Outsource and delegate tasks instantly

  • Improve efficiency and productivity

  • Scale your business effortlessly.

  • Don’t waste time with set up and research, get it done in no time at all.

  • Stress Less. Win back your time and creativity.

Time to take back the wheel of the ship and stop scrubbing the decks.


Full Course Contents



  • Four Module Video Masterclass
  • Standard SOPs and Templates Access
  • Lifetime Access
  • BONUS: Internet Business Template Library
  • BONUS: Bespoke System Setup and Strategy Coaching Session

Full Course Contents + Bonuses + Bespoke System Setup.



  • Four Module Video Masterclass
  • Standard SOPs and Templates Access
  • Lifetime Access
  • BONUS: Internet Business Template Library
  • BONUS: Bespoke System Setup and Strategy Coaching Session